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Extra-C is poised to sign an MoU with AICTE, IIM Mumbai, and IIT Madras on 21st May 2024, in New Delhi, to advance the National Inter-college Crossword Expedition (NICE) initiative. Following the MoU signing, AICTE will unveil guidelines and timelines for NICE-24.

Sanya Yadav emerged victorious in the Cryptic Crossword Contest held at Sri Ram College Of Commerce campus in New Delhi. Rollika Aggarwal and Aditya Rathi secured the first and second runner-up positions, respectively, on the leaderboard. The contest, organized for SRCC students by Extra-C in collaboration with the Crossword Association Of Delhi (CWAD) and learning partner Leefam Ventures, witnessed remarkable participation and enthusiasm.

ACAD April Result
We're delighted to announce the results for the ACAD April contest.

With great joy and excitement, Team Extra-C extends heartfelt congratulations to all the victorious participants. Let's give a round of applause to the winners and participants of ACAD, ACAD+ and ACAD Senior

ACAD National Winners
Rank-1: Saptak Gupta (DPS, Patna)
Rank-2: Bhargav Vinayak (BCM Arya Model Sr Secondary School, Ludhiana)
Rank-3: Shraddha Shree (Don Bosco Academy, Patna)
ACAD+ National Winners
Rank-1: Shyam Krishna Shenoy (Virginia Tech, USA)
Rank-2: Samruddhi Salgaonkar (Goa Dental College)
Rank-3: Aryan Singh (IIT Kanpur)
ACAD Senior National Winners
Rank-1: KK Rao (Hyderabad)
Rank-2: Mukundala Balasubramanyam (Hyderabad)
Rank-3: VenkatesanĀ PĀ (Vellore)

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