CCCC : Live on Doordarshan

CCCC Cryptic Crossword Contest is an inter-school, national-level crossword solving contest open to students of class IX-XII studying in schools affiliated to any of the recognised boards in the country.

His Excellency Sri Ram Nath Kovind

A contest like "A CLUE A DAY" will help in imparting adequate skills in young students to withstand stiff competition later in their lives.


Understanding Cryptic Crosswords

Understanding Cryptic Crosswords is a 20-20 educational tool for the uninitiated - 20 days for learning, 20 days for practicing. This book is meant to be used as a primer, a workbook and a reference book, all rolled into one. It unlocks the secrets of cracking a cryptic crossword in simple steps, and presents a collection of crosswords to practice and enjoy. It particularly aspires to make the younger generation of India, more analytical, more competitive, and above all, more successful.

Crosswords are not just about wordplay and cryptic clues. I see them as great stress busters and a tool to help grow our incisive reasoning. So, if you see a sweating man at an airport or a shouting person stuck in a traffic jam, chances are he or she is not a crossword solver.

- Nasscom President R Chandrasekhar at the launch of IXL 2016 in New Delhi