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Tushya of IIT Delhi cracks clues like a pro, wins JNU Open Crossword Contest, JNU's Isha and Mihir claim 2nd, 3rd spots

The contest was held at the Arts and Aesthetics Auditorium on the university campus. As many as 55 participants, mainly from the host institute and IIT Delhi, threw in their hats to crack the clues, going first through a written preliminary round and then an onstage final of six top contestants.

Before the preliminary, a workshop was conducted by Mr Vinayak Ekbote, vice-president of the Crossword Federation of India, on the intricacies of solving cryptic crosswords.

A Clue A Day (ACAD) is an online crossword contest where participants solve one cryptic crossword clue daily. For over a decade, the A Clue A Day Plus (ACAD+) contest has served as an enriching platform for cryptic crossword learning.
ACAD has three varinats-
1. ACAD for school students
2. ACAD PLus for college students
3. ACAD Senior for senior citizens
How to play? ACAD: Everyday at 3:30pm a clue is posted on crypticsingh.com, answers to which are accepted until 3 PM the following day.
ACAD Plus: Everyday at 3:35pm a clue is posted on the portal, answers to which are accepted until 3 PM the following day
ACAD Senior: Everyday at 12:30pm a clue is posted on the portal, answers to which are accepted until 12 PM the following day.
Fastest Fingers First Wins the Battle. Participants are awarded scores on a scale of 10,000 to 0. The fastest correct submission earns the maximum points of 10,000, with each subsequent correct submission decreasing by 1,000 points. The 10,000th correct submission receives zero points. While zero points are awarded for incorrect submissions, there is no negative scoring system.
Registration is mandatory for participation.

ACAD March Result
The long-awaited moment has arrived. The results for the ACAD February contest are finally here!
With immense joy and excitement, Team Extra-C is thrilled to extend warmest congratulations to all the victorious participants. Let the applause resound for our talented winners of A Clue A Day Contest's March Edition

ACAD National Winners
Rank-1: Shraddha Shree (Don Bosco Academy, Patna)
Rank-2: Anusha Kumar (DPS, Patna)
Rank-3: Bindusri N (Kendriya Vidyalay No 1, Tirupati
ACAD+ National Winners
Rank-1: Aryan Singh (IIT, Kanpur)
Rank-2: Samruddhi Salgaonkar (Goa Dental College)
Rank-3: Shyam Krishna Shenoy A (Virginia Tech, USA)
ACAD Senior National Winners
Rank-1: R Nagendra Prasad (Bengluru)
Rank-2: Mukundala Balasubramanyam (Hyderabad)
Rank-3: SS Parthsarthy (Bengluru)

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