Indian Crossword League 2013 (IXL 2013)

TERI Auditorium, Bangalore.

Indian Crossword League 2013

The finals of the IXL 2013 was celebrated as Centenary of Crosswords, as the first crossword was published exactly 100 years back, on 21st December, 1913.

  • 2013 : Highlights

    • First of its kind crossword contest in India
      Individual crossword solving competition open to all Indian Nationals residing in India
    • 8 weekly Online Rounds
      Based on round-robin league format.
    • Every week a new leaderboard was formed
      Comprising top performers of the respective rounds
    • Prizes every week
      Toppers & Lucky Winners of every round were given prizes like Google Nexus, Nikon Camera, handsome gift hampers etc.
    • Grand Finale
      Top 10 leaderboard toppers participated in Grand Finale held at TERI Auditorium, Bangalore.
  • Col. Deepak Gopinath (retd.) crowned the first Crossword Champion of India

    Col. Deepak Gopinath (retd.) crowned the first Crossword Champion of India

Grand Finale – IXL 2013 at a glance by Shuchismita Upadhyay

The Grand Finale of the Indian Crossword League (IXL) 2013 was held in Bangalore today, in which the top ten scorers of the online rounds participated. It was great fun to be part of the action! Here’s an account of what happened.

  • 01. Prelim Round

    The elimination round had 4 sections – a clue-writing exercise, a GK quiz, a logical aptitude test and a 15×15 cryptic to solve. The first three of these were judged for a separate “Mentathlete” award, the last was scored for the crossword championship.

    Clue-writing: 5 words (INDIAN, CROSSWORD, LEAGUE, EXTRA, SEE) had to be clued within 10 minutes.

    GK Quiz: 20 questions from a range of topics e.g. What is a sigil? Where is Baikonur Cosmodrome located? Who wrote ‘The Lowland’?

    Logical Aptitude: Questions of the GMAT/CAT variety. e.g. find the next number or pattern in a series.

  • 02. 15×15 cryptic

    To be completed within 30 minutes.

    [How did I fare? Rather horrendously – though I did scrape through into the last round with the top 6 🙂 Logical Aptitude was the only section I managed well. In clue-writing, I started with what I thought was a promising wordplay idea for INDIAN (“Shut out Hindustani, perhaps?”). I was trying to convert it into a proper &lit when I found that the clock gave me only 5 more minutes. So I closed with a couple of cringe-worthy clues. The GK round was way out of my comfort zone, and the cryptic gave a lot of trouble in the top-left and bottom-right. None of the finalists could complete the crossword! The best score was Mohsin’s who had about 5 left after the 30-minute mark.]

  • 03. Final On-Stage Round

    6 of the 10 finalists got to participate in the final round, which was about solving a crossword interactively in quiz-style on stage. The crossword was displayed on a screen in front of us.

    The contest started with the Across clues and proceeded to the Down clues in sequence. A clue from the crossword was put to each contestant – if the contestant could not answer it, the clue passed to the next contestant. A direct correct answer meant 10 points, a passed correct answer meant 5.

    With this format, luck naturally played a role in determining the scores. Who got the easy clues (especially those with obvious crossings in the later rounds), who was seated next to whom, mattered. But as they say, fortune favours the deserving. The finals champion Colonel Deepak Gopinath was a winner all the way – he made no slip-ups, smoothly answered the Athabasca clue that Mohsin and I passed, had his direct answer ASTRONAUT pat even before the clue was read out!

    At the end, the crossword championship ranks were:
    1. Deepak Gopinath
    2. Mohsin Ahmed
    3. Kishore Rao
    4. Vinod Raman (also won the Mentathlete title)
    5. Shuchismita Upadhyay
    6. Dr S Venkatesh

  • Crossword Day

    December 21, 2013 is a special day for crossword lovers – it marks the 100th anniversary of the crossword puzzle. The IXL Finale was a wonderful way to celebrate the Crossword Centenary – many thanks to the IXL organizers.

    -By Shuchismita Upadhyay.
    (Originally published on Crossword Unclued at Reproduced with permission.)

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