Overall Leaderboard Position After Round 10

Mohsin Ahmed Bangalore 939
Vinod Raman Bangalore 936
Vinoo Sanjay Mumbai 914
Arvind Ramaswamy Chennai 894
Ramki Krishnan Chennai 870
Abhay Phadnis Chennai 863
Shashwat Sinai Salgaocar Chennai 828
Jose A Mumbai 825
Ramesh Jagannathan Secunderabad 823
Venkatraghavan S. Mumbai 817
Lahar Appaiah Bangalore 809
Sowmya Ramkumar Manama 809
Akshay Bhandarkar Dubai 809
Shachii Manik Mumbai 796
Narayan Mandyam Navi Mumbai 781
Sandhya Paruchuri Hyderabad 770
Srividya Krishnaswamy Chennai 754
Ajeesh Calicut 743
Vinayak Rao Ekbote New Delhi 736
Bharati Shankaran Hemmady Mumbai 714
Prasenjit Sarkar Singapore 714
Anirudha Trichy 695
Rahmat Ali Kolkata 693
Sohrab Azam Kolkata 687
Suresh Dorbala Visakhapatnam 685
Aneerooth Chennai 680
Mohan Verghese Chunkath Chennai 675
Srivathsan Chennai 667
Dr S. Venkatesh Delhi 666
Arun Dubai 663
Prabhanjan Moleyar Bangalore 654
Raju Umamaheswar Coimbatore 649
Rangarajan Ramanujam Noida 643
Prithwiraj Mukherjee Bangalore 634
Sibi College Station 634
Lakshmi Chennai 632
Rengaswamy Chennai 612
Aashwina Mouli Mumbai 611
Aniruddh Janardhan R Trichy 598
Aakash Sridhar Bangalore 595
Guruswamy Nataraj Delhi 554
Himanshu Rajurkar Mumbai 546
Debasmita Basu Chennai 544
K K Rao Hyderabad 542
Uma R Chennai 532
Ashit Hegde Mumbai 523
Bhargav Gopal Chennai 502
Shalini Vasant Renukoot 484
Sanjeev Kumar Verma Patna 481
Sanjay Sinha Delhi 475
Vasant Srinivasan Renukoot 473
R Nagendra Prasad Bangalore 468
Yashaswini N.Prasad Bengaluru 467
P Raghunath Hyderabad 500044 464
M.V.Krishnan Chennai 600018 459
Gaurav Coimbatore 449
Kaushik Sriram Mumbai 429
Mukundala Balasubramanyam Hyderabad 416
Mvn Navi Mumbai 407
S.Subbaraman Mysore 397
Ranjan Rao Chennai 395
Chandra Krishna Swaminathan Gurgaon 388
Monidipa Mitra Kolkata 367
Laxman Bhubaneswar 360
Kavita Mohanka Ichalkaranji 357
K.Padmanabhan Bangalore560078 351
Sudha Nair Bangalore 347
Hrishikesh Navi Mumbai 343
Devika Rajan Bangalore 337
S.Sreenivasan Pune 411028 330
Pramit Kamath New Delhi 320
Ramachandra Bangalore 309
Kumar Arunachalam Mangalore 307
Murali Desikan Chennai 275
Padmasree Ramabhadran Mumbai 273
Padmanabhan Chennai 258
Aarthi.S Chennai 251
Bhargavi S Chennai 247
Sirpy Bengaluru 238
Sivaram Bhagavatula Guntur 238
Bunumunu Kolkata 236
Balwant Kumar Singh Patna 227
Kala Santa Rosa 223
Ashwin Bhavadasan Chennai 209
Praveen R Chennai 186
Pankaj Sinha Noida 177
Harish K Chenai 168
Prasenjit Bhowmik Bangalore 165
Aravind Chandramouli Mumbai 155
Anish Madhavan Cochin 151
Anjali Doney Bangalore 144
Niranjan Murali Chennai 144
Meena Kalyan Pune 137
Sudarshan Jaganathan Mumbai 124
Abhilash Bangalore 124
Shafeeq S Thiruvananthapuram 123
Pritheesh Parthiban Chennai 116
Amal Jyothis Trivandrum 114
Tanmay Srivastava Mumbai 102
Mani Kadayam Mumbai 95
Gaurav Johri Bangalore 92
Prakash F Madhwani Bangalore 560054 81
C Swathi Trichy 81
Siddharth Achaya Bangalore 69
Prem Thilak Vadodara 68
Sanket Shrivastava Nagpur 58
Ramya Narayanan Chennai 49
Avinass Kumar Mumbai 46
Prashanth Venkataraman Chennai 41
Pulkit Khare Allahabad 33
Aditya Vasudevan Pune 29
Hemanth Achaya Bangalore 27
V Soumya Pilani 26
Akhilesh Mumbai 22
Tk Johnson Mumbai 21
Rohini R Mumbai 20
Divakar Ramachandran Anupuram 20
Anupam Francis Bangalore 19
Amruta Mumbai 18
Manju Bajaj Mumbai 16
Jana Ravi Kiran Thiruvananthapuram 15
Anmol Kaushik Mumbai 14
Athira Trichy 4


    • For some reason the “Contact Us” link is not working. Also the IXL 2016 Leaderboard does not have a comment section. Any idea how I can communicate, given that I am not on facebook?

  1. Does BRASSE also qualify as an answer in addition to WRASSE ? Remember the case of BLEMISH and FLEMISH in the earlier round.

  2. This 7th round is, perhaps, going to be a tough battle between those solvers who seriously or actually took the word ‘took’ of 1D [Queen took first steps towards divorcing new military leader (5)] and those who hurriedly or mistakenly mistook it to be its past participle form ‘taken’, while solving the clue. Wikipedia has four variants: BEGUM, BEGAM, BAIGUM or BEYGUM, the Turkish, Persian and Urdu word for queen. Took first steps is BEGAN; towards divorcing new (N) military leader (M) where N is eliminated and M creeps in, making it BEGAM (queen). Had the clue been ‘Queen has taken first steps towards divorcing new military leader’, has taken steps would have been BEGUN, and after N is replaced by M, the answer would have been BEGUM (queen). Hence, BEGAM is the only answer here.

  3. In IXL2015-Round-7 , I am not getting 12-Down clue at all. How I can complete/
    Also contact/complaint mail also does not work at all.

  4. loved the clue for survey. i will remember master method when i want to explain cryptic to others.
    what should we do for 12 down put down any word like bitumen or whatever fits?
    truly cryptic.

  5. everybody please note. The link on the CrypticSingh page read …serorg.cloud. This link is down. Please use ‘election’ instead of ‘serorg’ for all logins including IXL and ACAD.
    http://election.cloudapp.net/ixl15/Login.aspx for IXL
    http://serorg.cloudapp.net/acad/play.aspx for ACAD

    Apparently there was a major mishap at the IXL site and it to the organizers credit that they managed to get the system up and running just after 12. The new link was posted on the IXL15 facebook group but probably many participants are not members of that page so they may not have got the message.

  6. if anyone is able to access round 5 then the site should hold submissions till all are able to download grid and clues. It is unfair otherwise.
    exactly what is the problem?is anyone attending to it?
    can players get some comment from organizers to reassure us?Please…

  7. There is something seriously wrong with the system. If one cannot log in how can one play? Players from metros have it easy. I was, despite numerous such glitches last year, ranked 13th. I was hopeful of improving in 2015…alas, crypticsingh.com in only interested in promoting the competition to those based in big cities….players from 2 and 3 tier towns are being excluded…totally unfair.

  8. error keeps appearing if i click for log in to play. Is it my comp? or is it something wrong with the site?
    the grid for round 5 does not appear. admn please help.

  9. I tried to reach your ixl 2015 site up to 1:30 pm after which I went off to watch the cricket match. I’ve just come back and I find from the participants’ comments that your server did work in between. But right now, your server is not working. Hence, I haven’t been able to access the Cryptic Crossword at all.

  10. after saving almost the entire finished crossword for the 25th Oct, I am unable to retrieve the puzzle page to send as finished. Sever Error is the message after umpteen attempts: I think this is a bit unfair to players from smaller towns where internet connectivity itself is slow and cumbersome. Please restore my saved page

  11. I submitted the second round without others, admittedly rather late, by Thursday or Friday, but my name doesn’t appear on the Round 2 Leaderboard, nor have I been credited with any points. So how does the scoreboard differentiate between people like me who attempt and finish after the first 100 people have submitted and those who have not submitted at all? Doesn’t seem like a fair scoring system to me.

    • Shafeeq, it is the first 100 all correct entries which are taken into account not first 100 entries. If there aren’t 100 correct entries by end of the round then the first come entries with 1 wrong are taken and so on . In round 2 apparently, by tuesday evening 100 all correct entries had been received. Just your luck. No worries, still plenty of rounds to go

      • Yes, I got the first 100 all-correct entries part. My question was, how does the present system differentiate between the person who submits the 101st all-correct entry and one who doesn’t submit at all? They both get zero in the present system of scoring. Don’t you think this is more than a tad unfair? And “just your luck” didn’t sound consolatory, if it was meant to. No offence.

        • I don’t think that argument holds Shafiq. That’s the purpose of having multiple rounds, the logic being that if you’re good you will score one time or the other and the average score will be a fair indicator of your level. if you score 101 in all rounds then as far as the final standings are concerned you are anyway out of the running and the system is least bothered about whether you participated or not.

          • “That’s the purpose of having multiple rounds” – That’s precisely my point. If someone finished 101st in all rounds is not on the leaderboard and someone who finished 100th in just one round is, that doesn’t really come across as a fair scoring system.

            “if you score 101 in all rounds then as far as the final standings are concerned you are anyway out of the running” – agreed

            “and the system is least bothered about whether you participated or not.” – I have an issue with this. When you call something a league, and an Indian league at that, the least you can do is ensure a fair scoring system for all participants, not just the heavyweights.One would expect that once the league concludes, the final standings would reflect the relative levels of all those who participated. And clearly the present system doesn’t handle the (admittedly hypothetical) scenario which I described in the beginning. Imagine the EPL saying to the bottom 5 teams, “we won’t count your points because you won’t earn CL positions anyway, let alone win the league”

            It’s not very difficult to create a scoring system which takes into account all finishers, that’s all I’m trying to raise.

  12. I find there are discrepancies in addition of total marks given for 4 persons after round two. Please correct them.

    Suresh Dorbala = 98+10 = 108 whereas totalled as 113
    S. Subbaraman = 73+5 = 78 where as totalled as 77
    Sanjay Sinha 54 + 7 = 61 whereas totalled as 62
    Balwant Kumar Singh = 18 + 8 =26 whereas totalled as 28

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