Indian Crossword League (IXL) 2013

The IXL 2013 was an individual crossword solving competition based on a round-robin league format. It included 8 weekly Online Rounds of Crossword Puzzles, where every week a new leader board was formed, comprising top performers of the respective rounds. The online rounds were conducted on Accuracy of the crossword solution provided by the participants determined the leaders of the weekly rounds. In case of a tie, least time taken by a participant gave him an upper hand in the rankings. The league was open to all the Indian Nationals residing in India. The top leaders of every round were given prizes like Google Nexus, Nikon Camera etc. Lucky winners picked up from each leader board received handsome gift hampers.

The IXL was played in the following format:

  • To participate in IXL 2013 you needed to register at Upon registration, a user identity was mailed to you.
  • IXL 2013 comprised 8 online weekly rounds and one offline Grand Finale Round held on 21st December 2013.
  • The weekly rounds were held during October and November 2013.
  • The weekly rounds had one Cryptic Crossword, which were posted every Saturday morning at 10:30 am under the heading “IXL-2013-Crossword for the Week”.
  • Participants were required to submit the completed solution by 12am on the following Friday
  • The player with the fastest correct solution was awarded 100 points, second fastest got 99 points, and so on. No points were awarded to anyone after the 100th correct entry.
  • The total scores of all the players for the weekly online rounds were calculated for all the 8 weeks.
  • The overall top 10 scorers of the weekly rounds participated in the Offline IXL GRAND FINALE 2013.
  • The winner of the IXL GRAND FINALE 2013 was declared the IXL CHAMPION 2013.