IXL 2013

[testimonial author=”Bharati Shankaran Hemmady” author_comment=”Top 10 Finalist, IXL 2013″ photo=”/f/uploads/bharati.jpg”]”To be a finalist, and find my name in the same list as rocket scientists, engineers, chartered accountants and doctors! Now, that is what sweet dreams are made of! The whole experience was thrilling. The 8 Saturdays of excitement. The grand finale. It was great meeting even bigger crossword fanatics than me. “[/testimonial]

  • Indian Crossword League 2013

    The IXL 2013 was an individual crossword solving competition based on a round-robin league format. It included 8 weekly Online Rounds of Crossword Puzzles, where every week a new leader board was formed, comprising top performers of the respective rounds. The online rounds were conducted on crypticsingh.com. Accuracy of the crossword solution provided by the participants determined the leaders of the weekly rounds. In case of a tie, least time taken by a participant gave him an upper hand in the rankings. The league was open to all the Indian Nationals residing in India. The top leaders of every round were given prizes like Google Nexus, Nikon Camera etc. Lucky winners picked up from each leader board received handsome gift hampers.

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[big_header]IXL 2013 – Winners & Finalists[/big_header][speaker photo=”/f/uploads/deepak-gopinath.jpg” name=”COL. DEEPAK GOPINATH (RETD.)” post=”Ex-Army Officer” company=”Crossword Champion – 2013″]Bangalore[/speaker]
[speaker photo=”/f/uploads/mohsin-ahmed.jpg” name=”Mohsin Ahmed” post=”Scientist/Engineer at ISRO” company=”IXL 2013 Runner-Up”]Bangalore[/speaker]
[speaker photo=”/f/uploads/kishore-m.jpg” name=”Kishore M.” post=”Chartered Accountant” company=”IXL 2013 – Finalist”]Bangalore[/speaker]
[speaker photo=”/f/uploads/vinod-raman.jpg” name=”VINOD RAMAN” post=”IT professional” company=”Mentathlete of the Year 2013″]Bangalore[/speaker]

[speaker photo=”/f/uploads/shuchismita-upadhyay.jpg” name=”Shuchismita Upadhyay” post=”Software Engineer” company=”IXL 2013 – Finalist”]Bangalore[/speaker]
[speaker photo=”/f/uploads/s-venkatesh.jpg” name=” Dr S Venkatesh” post=”Deputy Director General, Min. of Health & Family Welfare” company=”IXL 2013 – Finalist”]New Delhi[/speaker]
[speaker photo=”/f/uploads/bharati.jpg” name=”Bharati” post=”Copywriter” company=”IXL 2013 – Finalist”]Mumbai[/speaker]
[speaker photo=”/f/uploads/rahmat-ali.jpg” name=”RAHMAT ALI” post=”Officer, SBI” company=”IXL 2013 – Finalist”]Kolkata[/speaker]

[big_header]Grand Finale[/big_header]

  • The finals of the IXL 2013 also celebrated Centenary of Crosswords, as the first crossword was published exactly 100 years back, on 21st December, 1913. It was held at TERI Auditorium, Bangalore. The event began with a written round amongst the top ten contestants viz., Bharathi S.H.,Prabhanjan M., Padmanabhan K., Rahmat Ali Mohsin Ahmed, Dr. S. Venkatesh Kishore M. Rao , Vinod Raman , Retd. (Col.) Deepak Gopinath and Shuchismita Upadhyay. Out of them, top six performers of the written rounds at the finals, entered the On-stage round. The Arbiter for the event was C. G. Rishikesh ‘Chaturvasi, a reputed crossword setter for The Hindu Crossword, popular as Gridman. The On-stage Round, conducted by President of Karnataka Quiz Association, Mr. Ochintya Sharma, was like a regular quiz contest, where audience could participate and the entire event could be recorded and telecast. The six finalists were Mohsin Ahmed, Dr. S. Venkatesh Kishore M. Rao , Vinod Raman , Retd. (Col.) Deepak Gopinath and Shuchismita Upadhyay in that order. The final witnessed a neck to neck competition between a retired Army Colonel Deepak Gopinath (61 yrs) and a young ISRO scientist Mohsin Ahmed (21 yrs), with the former winning by a whisker.

    For more details visit http://www.crosswordunclued.com/2013/12/indian-crossword-league-2013-finals.html

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[big_header]Photo Gallery[/big_header]

[big_header]Team IXL[/big_header]

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    The Ideator, Fabricator and Mentor of the Indian Crossword League. He started solving crosswords at a young age but that was not enough for him until he started creating them. As a probationer at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, in an effort to spread his passion amongst his fellow colleagues, he began making crosswords for the Hobbies Club and the Nature Lovers’ Club. With a view to get intelligent Indians initiated into the enchanting realm of crosswords, he wrote the book “Understanding Cryptic Crosswords, A Step By Step Guide”. He conceptualized and piloted the first All India Inter-School Crossword Contest during 2013, the Centenary Year of Crosswords. It was an event involving 32 cities, around 500 schools and over 100,000 students which concluded in New Delhi on 14th December, 2013. His vision is to take crossword to every school and college of India. Having been with SAIL and IFS before joining the IAS, at present, he is the Principal Secretary, Agriculture, Govt. of Bihar.
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    The brain behind the entire format of the IXL2013, he is a MBA graduate from the prestigious IIM Bangalore. A recipient of the National Talent Search Scholarship and Science Merit Scholarship of Delhi University he trained at the Indian Institute of Mass Communications (IIMC) in New Delhi. He resigned from the Indian Information Services in the mid 1990s to join the private sector. He has spent almost 20 years assisting multinational corporations, India-based companies and small and medium enterprises communicate effectively with different constituencies.
  • praveen-kumar-ixl
    A businessman by profession, he holds a Masters degree in Statistics . His love for Mathematics has made him adept at number puzzles. He is a stickler for rules and makes sure discipline is followed in every work he does. A philanthropist at heart, he loves teaching students. He is fond of wildlife and nature. He excels at photography and driving. He heads the Finance and Accounts wing of the IXL.

  • kushagra-singh-ixl
    A law graduate from I.P. University, Delhi he is one of the most hardworking members of the IXL Team. He has been the public face of IXL. He monitors all the PR- related activities. He loves swimming and is himself a crossword solver. Without him, the IXL would not have been what it is today.
  • sanjeev-singh-ixl
    The man responsible for the creatives and web positioning of the IXL and CrypticSingh.com. He is an MBA graduate who holds a degree in Computer Science. He has developed a number of websites for the Public Sector/Private Sector clientele. He has the knack of blending art with technology. A perfectionist by nature, he heads the Technical Team of the IXL 2013.
  • amit-kumar-ixl
    A very talented computer whizkid, he has designed the IXL 2013 Puzzle Software. A holder of a Masters Degree in Computers, he has created a number of software and websites for Public Sector/Private Sector clientele. His everready approach to issues and ‘asap attitude’ has made him the backbone of the online rounds of IXL 2013.
  • venky-ixl
    A student of law with good communication and writing skills, he looks after the promotions and communications of the IXL. The content of this souvenir is his handiwork. He is a national level swimmer who loves outdoor pursuits. After completing his schooling from St. Michael’s Patna, he joined five year law course at Nirma Institute of Law, Ahmedabad. Baby of the team, he has proved his mettle whenever it was required.