How to prepare for CCCC 2017?

  • Get hold of a good book. Beginners may go in for Understanding Cryptic Crosswords – A Step by Step Guide, written by senior IAS officer Vivek Kumar Singh and published by Lexis-Nexis. It is available both online and off the shelf
  • Go through the book, do the exercises. In just 20 days, one can learn the basics required for understanding and solving such cryptic crosswords.
  • Practice for another 20 days. Use the graded exercises at the end of the book. Solve it with help from friends, teachers, guardians – it is easier and more interesting that way.
  • Start solvisng indigenous crosswords daily. The Hindu Crossword, A-Clue-A-Day clues, for example, could be the way to begin with.
  • Compare the current day’s solution with the previous day’s clue on ACAD. Try to establish the clue-solution relationship everyday.
  • Persevere, practice, practice and practice!!

Download Sample Paper 1 Download Sample Paper 2