An Ode to IXL

- By R Nagendra Prasad, an IXL participant

IXL – Indian Crossword League launched in 2013, was to

Commemorate the Birth Centenary of Crosswords. It
Reached across India to a Grand opening setting off
Obsessive Zeal amongst the Solvers and setters with
Such fervor that everybody was anxious to outscore.
Stupendous success of the format and programme
Was so huge that everybody waited with bated breath.
Overnight fanatics to octogenarians all competed with
Relentless energy and acumen to complete the puzzle.
Desperately waiting for IXL-2 to open up the frenzy again.

Lapsus calami would result in a blob, and the right word
Ensured the participant to score a perfect ten when
All the clues were decoded and nailed to fill the grid.
Great sense of joy would erupt upon seeing the results
Unfolded the next week, making it the most awaited quiz
Exercising the brain to figure the innuendos & conundrums.

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