Girl sails into crossword final
24th November 2014
Carmel Junior College of Jamshedpur wins CBSE Cryptic Crossword Contest 2014
13th December 2014

IXL – Indian Crossword League launched in 2013, was to

[space]C ommemorate the Birth Centenary of Crosswords. It
[space]R eached across India to a Grand opening setting off
[space]O bsessive Zeal amongst the Solvers and setters with
[space]S uch fervor that everybody was anxious to outscore.
[space]S tupendous success of the format and programme
[space]W as so huge that everybody waited with bated breath.
[space]O vernight fanatics to octogenarians all competed with
[space]R elentless energy and acumen to complete the puzzle.
[space]D esperately waiting for IXL-2 to open up the frenzy again.


[space]L apsus calami would result in a blob, and the right word
[space]E nsured the participant to score a perfect ten when
[space]A ll the clues were decoded and nailed to fill the grid.
[space]G reat sense of joy would erupt upon seeing the results
[space]U nfolded the next week, making it the most awaited quiz
[space]E xercising the brain to figure the innuendos & conundrums.

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