IXL 2017 : National Crossword Champion
24th December 2017
ACAD 2018: Governor launches online crossword contest
15th January 2018

ACAD 2018

The Competitive Phase of ACAD 2018 would commence from 16th January 2018 and end on the 31st October 2018. The points on the Champions’ Gallery would be computed for the Competitive Phase only.
However, ACAD would continue without any break, round the year, for the benefit of young students who love solving clues as a matter of habit, on a daily basis.
We wish all the ACAD solvers, parents, guardians teachers and school authorities, a very stimulating ACAD 2018 season ahead.


  1. SHWETA says:

    How to Register for ACADS 2018

  2. Cryptic cross is a one of the important thing.

  3. Tariq Khan says:

    pls announce the date n venue for Lucknow examination….

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