ACAD 2018: Important Notice
30th December 2017
6th May 2018

Governor launches online crossword contest

The Governor, His Excellency Shri Satya Pal Malik, on Monday launched the 5th edition of the daily online cryptic crossword challenge, A-Clue-A-Day, at DPS Patna.

The first clue will be uploaded on at 3.30 pm on January 16 and then every day at the same time. The answer can be submitted by 3 pm the following day. The first Champions’ Gallery will be formed on January 17 and then every day till October 15 when the competitive phase of the contest will come to an end.


Addressing students and guests on the occasion, he said the most important resources of a country are not its physical infrastructure, but young educated minds. He gave the example of the 2nd World War “when buildings, monuments and even hospitals were bombed, but schools and universities were spared”.

“During the same time, British parliament cut budgetary provisions for all sectors except education. The reason being that everything can be repaired but not a generation of unread youth,” he added.

He praised Mr Vivek Kumar Singh, IAS, for initiating an exercise which provokes children to learn while having fun. Mr Singh is also the Chief Mentor of the contest.

In his address, Mr Singh talked about the significance of crosswords, among other benefits, in building a vast functional vocabulary. He said out of about 3 lakh words, people use only about 3,000 of them. “We should have a passion for learning more words so that we are able to use the most appropriate word for a given situation,” he added.

Mr Deepak Kumar Singh (IAS), Principal Secretary, Labour Resources, Government of Bihar, who was the special invitee on the occasion, exhorted the students to participate in competitive pursuits like ACAD and build self-confidence which is so crucial for success.

Earlier, Mr B Vinod, Principal, DPS Patna, welcomed the Governor and the guests. He said his school was proud of the fact that the contest has been launched from here for the past three consecutive years. He urged students to exploit the learning opportunities provided by this unique game.

Mr Kushagra Singh, Programme Director, ACAD, delivered the vote of thanks.

Popularly known as ACAD, the contest is the only daily online crossword contest for schoolchildren in the country. Launched in 2014, it involves cracking a fresh clue every day on, the website of the organisers, Extra-C.

A clue is uploaded on the site every day at 3.30 pm and answers can be submitted by 3 pm the following day. Depending on the speed with which contestants solve the clues and consistency of correctness, a Champions’ Gallery is formed and top contestants honoured.

To play ACAD 2018, contestants may register on the website and get a unique password. The registration is free of cost.

Shashwat Sanjeev, a student of Don Bosco Academy, Patna, was declared the winner of ACAD 2017. He and the next 9 on the Champions’ Gallery after him at the end of the competitive phase were presented with ‘Letters of Appreciation’ at the Grand Finale of the CCCC Cryptic Crossword Contest, 2017, at New Delhi on November 23, 2017.

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