A Clue A Day Contest 2015 begins

Solving crossword is no longer just a hobby
30th December 2014
12th May 2015

Patna, April 10, 2015: Minister of Education of Bihar, Shri. P. K. Shahi launched A Clue A Day Contest 2015 (ACAD 2015) on friday. The launch ceremony was held at Delhi Public School, Patna. Shri. Vivek Kumar Singh, IAS, Principal Secretary Department of Environment and Forest, Kushagra Singh, Program Director of ACAD 2015 as well as members of EXTRA C were also present.

ACAD 2015 in an online cryptic clue solving championship for schoolchildren. It will include a daily cryptic clue solving challenge among the participants. One clue is posted online each day on the website www.crypticsingh.com at 3:30pm (afternoon). This year, it can also be accessed on mobile phones through the ‘ACAD’ app that can be downloaded on android smartphones and tablets. The ACAD app is the first of its kind Indian mobile app based on crossword that will be available on the Google Play Store as of now and shortly for IOS and Windows smartphones or tablets.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri P.K. Shahi said, “When a person shifts from his student life to professional life, his word power and vocabulary plays a crucial role in taking him further in life. So, it is very important for everyone to work on their word power.” He further said that he is himself very keen to learn how to solve crossword puzzles and soon he will be able to crack the clues himself. Finally he motivated the students present their to take up the habit of solving crossword puzzles and participate in this contest.

Mr. Vivek Kumar Singh, IAS, Principal Secretary, Dept. of Environment and Forest, who also is the author of the best selling book on how to solve crossword puzzles, “Understanding Cryptic Crosswords- A step by step guide”, while addressing the gathering said, “There is a minute difference between the Best in the class and Very Good. This difference is of articulation. A person’s articulation is his key to success and solving crosswords enhances the same. Cryptic Crossword will build lateral thinking among its solvers which is very much required in this competitive era.” He further gave the example of Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella on how he rose from the position of an employee to become the head.

“A Clue A Day Contest should be taken as the first step towards solving crossword puzzles. Instead of making a child solve the entire puzzle, we give them a chance to win prizes by just solving one clue each day. This process not only generates enthusiasm and curiosity to solve the clues, but also shapes the child’s mind in a way that he or she is able to solve any problems that he or she faces. Leaderboard in the name of Champions’ Gallery is maintained so the competitive approach towards solving clues is generated among the participants.

This is a chance which was not available for us in our schooling days therefore each and every child studying anywhere in India should participate and avail this opportunity which perhaps is the first in the world” said Kushagra Singh, the Program Director of ACAD 2015.

An interactive session between the students and Mr. Vivek Kumar Singh was also held after the launch ceremony where the latter briefed the students on how to solve crossword puzzles. A Cryptic name game was also played during this session.

The Principal of Delhi Public School, Patna, Mr. B. Vinod thanked the dignitaries and encouraged his students to participate and excel at this contest.

The timing of the contest has been set in this fashion so that it does not hamper the daily routine of the school going children. One among the correct entries will be chosen as the lucky winner of the day and will win a gift hamper.

The winner of the ACAD 2015 will also get a wild card entry to the Indian Crossword League Grand Finale, which will be held in the month of December.

ACAD is an initiative of EXTRA C, a civil society for extra curricular development. EXTRA C has previously organized CBSE Cryptic Crossword Contest 2014, Indian Crossword League 2013 & 2014, All India Interschool Crossword Contest 2013 and A Clue A Day Contest 2014 among other Quizes and Crossword Contests.


  1. An addict of cryptic crosswords for over 50 years

  2. srastogi says:

    when i am clicking the A-clue-a day 2015> register , nothing is happening. Kindly check so that i may register

  3. tejaswi says:

    who can join this contest ??? is 10 class student also join this ?

  4. MR says:

    Nice to see such an interesting and challenging contest for the students.

  5. Reema says:

    Good evening from VSRC School!

    We have registered our name for CCCC2015 contest from Mumbai location. We would like to know more details. Kindly help us with contact person for the CCCC2015.
    the number mention on website of Mr Raj Narayan singh (National Co-ordinator for CCCC2015) is not reachable.

    Please help with alternate number.

  6. Suraj Menon says:

    I would like to register for CCCC 2015, from Vidyodaya School. Ernakulam, Kerala. What is the procedure? Should it be done through my school?

  7. narayan m.v says:

    where is the list of daily winners of ACAD put up. Unable to find it. Nor is the champions gallery giving details of the winners, just their profile pics

  8. Sherin says:

    I’m eagerly waiting to join the contest of 2016. when i see for clues for that particular day where will it be sent?

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